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Paperboards and Specialty Papers

Paperboards and Specialty Papers

ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers Business is India's largest, technologically advanced and most eco-friendly, paper and paperboards business. Having pioneered many specialty applications, The Business enjoys market leadership in the value-added paperboards segment, and also has a significant share of the Indian fine papers market. It is the largest exporter of coated boards from India.

ITC takes great pride in servicing a large cross-section of industry requirements - from cigarette tissues to FMCG cartons, from electrical insulation papers to Bio-based Barrier Coated Board, from decorative laminate base to writing and printing papers and much more. ITC straddles the entire spectrum of paperboards - from 100% virgin, food-grade boards which are from renewable and sustainable sources to 100% recycled boards.

The product range includes:

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Packaging Boards
    Virgin Boards     Recycled Boards
Safire Graphik Eco Natura
Cyber Cypak Eco Blanca
Cyber XLPac Coated High Burst Liner
Cyber Premium NeoWhite Bliss
Cyber Propac RCT Board
Carte Lumina    
PearlXL Packaging    
Opus Card    
Vivaa Liner    
Specialty Boards
Graphic Boards
Specialty Papers
    Cigarette Tissues
    Thin Printing
Bible Printing Wrap Well
Pharma Print Medical Grade
Superfine Printing Anti-Rust Tissue
Opaque Tissue Shoe-Wrap Paper
    Communication     Décor Papers
Alfa Zap Overlay
Alfa Plus Surfacing/Printing Base Paper
Hi Brite Barrier Paper
Hi Zine Absorbent Kraft
Perma White    
Overlay Tissue Carbonizing Tissue
Insulating Paper NP Paper
Match Tissue Flameproof Paper
Fire Fuse Tissue    

Each of the units specialises in a range of products. Together, these units have capacity close to 7,00,000 TPA of paper and paperboards that meet stringent quality requirements across the world. All four manufacturing units are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and meet strict Environment, Health and Safety norms.

The unit in Bhadrachalam is India's largest integrated pulping and paperboard manufacturing unit. It boasts of equipment supplied by internationally renowned suppliers for pulping processes, paper machines, web detection & inspection systems, and finishing & packing lines. Currently the unit produces high-end virgin and recycled boards for packaging and graphic applications, and fine printing papers. The Bhadrachalam unit manufactures and uses pulp made from ozone bleaching process known as light ECF process. The use of ozone technology significantly reduces the load of toxins in the effluent discharged, and helps customers get a brighter, stronger product that is also environmentally responsible with the BOD (Biochemical oxygen on demand) and COD (Chemical oxygen on demand) level way below the National Standards Limits. PM 4 & PM 5 of Unit Bhadrachalam is BRC Global Standard certified for food grade boards.

The Kovai unit currently focuses entirely on recycled boards, servicing requirements for both greyback and whiteback recycled boards, The Kovai unit is a benchmark in environmental performance - helping ITC turn solid waste recycling positive by consuming more paper waste generated than is generated internally. This is done by collecting waste from households and institutions and recycling it at this facility.

The Tribeni unit specializes in fine papers and tissues and the product range from this unit comprises opaque papers for fine printing like the Bible, dictionaries, cigarette tissues, medical grade papers, anti-rust papers, electrical insulation papers, decor surface, printing and barrier papers. The Bollaram unit manufactures poly extrusion coated barrier boards. This unit is BRC certified for food grade boards.

Customers are at the core of the business. This is reflected in the diverse range of products, grades and value added services. There is a strong focus on partnering customers to co-create and deliver superior solutions, enhancing their competitive advantage.

All the 4 units of ITC Paperboards Business are FSC-CoC (Forest Stewardship Council- Chain of Custody) certified enabling it to provide a diverse range of paperboards/paper with FSC certificate which is a gold standard in wood certification for ethical and legal sourcing.

Units Kovai and Bhadrachalam have been certified as "GreenCo Platinum". ITC has also achieved the distinction of becoming the first pulp and paper company to be certified under the GreenCo rating.

The Business' quality philosophy is reflected at every stage - from the selection of high-yielding, vegetatively propagated seedlings used for growing pulpwood to world-class manufacturing facilities to the finishing and packing lines. It embraces the relevant skills and competencies of employees, managers and specialists as well.

A dedicated network of regional sales offices, an extensive dealer and agent network in India and across the globe along with close to market finishing and stock holding facilities enable ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers business to reach out to customers faster, to service them better. With the division-wide implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in 2009, the business also offers customers an enriched experience through enhanced connectivity and web-access to many of the services that were handled offline.

ITC's commitment beyond the market finds a strong expression in the Social and Farm forestry programmes spearheaded by the business. These programmes help create man hours of employment for the rural poor, besides being a sustainable source of high-quality raw material for the business. ITC's Research and Development efforts in creating disease resistant, high yielding seedlings help farmers realize greater yields in a shorter time - from land that may be otherwise unproductive. More than 6,86,000 acres (as on 31st March 2018) of planted area stands testimony to ITC's commitment to sustainable forestry.

Working towards credible certification of its environmentally responsible processes and products, ITC is the first Indian company to be invited to become a member of the WWF GFTN programme. With this membership, ITC has committed to bring larger volumes of its products and its operations under credibly certified schemes like FSC.

Supporting the cause of clean technology, ITC is a front-runner in introducing environment-friendly Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) technology, and more recently, Ozone bleaching in India. ITC's focus on being a carbon-positive, water-positive, zero-solid waste disposal organization leads it to constantly develop ways of reducing, reusing and recycling. ITC has been 'Carbon Positive' for thirteen years in a row, 'Water Positive' for sixteen consecutive years and 'Solid Waste Recycling Positive' for the last eleven years.

ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers business has also been a first-mover in the field of collecting and recycling post-consumer waste from residential localities, corporate and educational institutes through its WOW programme. ITC reaches out directly to consumers with its Wellbeing Out of Waste (WOW) campaign, that has been successfully implemented in select locations across southern India, and has plans to expand into other locations across the Country.

For more information on ITC PSPD's products and sustainability initiatives please visit www.itcpspd.com or download ITC's Papyra app.


ITC's Paperboards & Specialty Papers business has won numerous awards for quality, environmental management systems and product excellence. For more information please visit www.itcpspd.com.

  • NeoWhite Bliss wins Excellence in Sustainability Packaging Award at India Packaging Awards, 2016.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam is certified as GreenCo Platinum by CII - Godrej Green Building Centre in 2016.
  • Unit Kovai is certified as GreenCo Platinum by CII - Godrej Green Building Centre in 2015.


  • Unit Kovai received the Tamil Nadu state award for 'Green Initiatives and Environmental Best Practices,' by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board in 2014.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam was the First Pulp & Paper Unit to be certified as GreenCo Gold by CII - Godrej Green Building Centre in 2013.
  • IPMA Environmental Award for Cleaner Technologies 2012 was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam.
  • CII Best Water Efficient Unit was presented to Unit Kovai. in 2012
  • CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2012 was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam.
  • PSPD’s WOW - Wealth Out of Waste Initiative won the CII Best Environmental Practices Awards 2012 in the categories of ‘Most Useful Environmental Project 2012’ and ‘Innovative Environmental Project’.
  • Five Star rating in Environment Management by British Safety Council was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam & Kovai in 2012.
  • Globe of Honour by British Safety Council was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam & Kovai in 2012.
  • CII National Award for Efficient Unit in Water Conservation, 2011, was presented  to Unit Bhadrachalam.
  • CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2011 was presented to Unit Kovai.
  • Units Bhadrachalam, Bollaram, Kovai and Tribeni are now FSC Chain of Custody certified. The Smart Wood Program of the Rainforest Alliance has awarded Unit Bhadrachalam, the Forest Stewardship Council Forest Management certification in 2011.
  • CII Most Innovative Project Award for Environmental Best Practices was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam in 2011.
  • ITC PSPD was adjudged as the best performer in the Paper & Pulp category at The Financial Express 2011- Emergent Ventures India Awards presented in recognition of excellence in the area of environmental stewardship.
  • ITC PSPD won the Siemens Ecovatives Award 2011 in the ‘Conservation’ category for it’s Recycling initiative - ‘Wealth Out of Waste’ (WOW).

    Energy & Operations
  • ITC PSPD's Unit Bhadrachalam was awarded the Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award 2016 by CII.
  • ITC PSPD's Unit Bhadrachalam Project "Mission Round Corner" won the Process Innovation Leadership Award at the Frost & Sullivan's Project Evaluation & Recognition Program (2016).
  • ITC PSPD's Unit Bollaram has been awarded the highest grade - AA - under the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging: Issue 5.
  • ITC PSPD's Unit Kovai has bagged the Excellent Energy Unit Award at the 16th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2015, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Hyderabad. The Unit also bagged the “Most Useful Presentation” award.
  • ITC PSPD's  Unit Bhadrachalam has bagged the Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award at the 16th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2015, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). 
  • Unit Bhadrachalam & Kovai received the CII Excellent Energy Efficient Unit awards in 2014.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam was conferred the CII Excellence in Energy Management award in 2013.
  • ‘Silver’ FICCI Safety System Excellence, 2012, was won by Unit Bollaram.
  • CII Excellent Energy Efficient Unit for the year 2012 was awarded to Unit Bhadrachalam.
  • Unit Bollaram has won the Silver at the FICCI Safety Excellence Award in the Medium size industry category.
  • International Safety Award by British Safety Council was presented to Unit Kovai in 2012.
  • 5 star Health and Safety Management rating by British Safety Council was awarded to Unit Bollaram, Tribeni & Kovai in  2012.
  • Sword of Honour by British Safety Council was presented to Unit Bollaram & Tribeni in 2012.
  • CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2011 for “Excellent Energy Efficient Unit” was presented to Unit Bhadrachalam.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam received the Excellent Energy Efficient Award from CII at the National Awards for Excellence in Energy Management 2011.
  • 5 star rating (Health & Safety) by British Safety Council was presented to Units Bhadrachalam, Tribeni, Bollaram and Kovai in 2011.
  • Sword of Honour by British Safety Council was presented to Units Bhadrachalam & Tribeni in 2011.

  • ITC PSPD's Unit Bollaram received the Best Management Award of the Year 2016 from the Labour Department, Telangana.
  • ITC PSPD won the Most Useful Project Award at the CII GreenCo Best Practices Awards, 2016, for it's Papyra app and Cyber Antifungal Paperboard.
  • The National Safety Council - Tamilnadu Chapter - awarded Unit Kovai with the Award of Honour (highest in its category) for the second consecutive year.
  • ITC PSPD's Unit Kovai has won the second prize in the CII Southern Region - Kaizen competition 2015 for large scale industries.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam won the first prize in a Six Sigma Case Study Contest organised by the Indian Statistical Institute in Bengaluru in 2014.
  • Unit Kovai bagged the 'Award of Honour' from the National Safety Council in 2014.
  • Unit Kovai received the CII Southern Region EHS Excellence Award 2013.
  • Unit Bhadrachalam received the Most Innovative Environmental Project Award & the Most Useful Project Award at the CII Environmental Best Practices Awards 2013.
  • ITC PSPD has been conferred the Green Product of the Year award at the India Green Business Summit 2013.

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