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Choupal Pradarshan Khet

In line with its mission of improving the quality of life in rural India, ITC's Agri Business has launched a flagship extension programme called 'Choupal Pradarshan Khet' (CPK) or demonstration plots to help farmers enhance farm productivity by adopting agricultural best practices. Started in 2005-06, the crop portfolio includes soya, paddy, cotton, maize, bajra, wheat, gram, mustard, sunflower and potato. This initiative, has covered over 64,000 hectares and has a multiplier impact and reaches out to more than 70,000 farmers.

Processed Fruits

In line with its strategy of achieving a higher order of value capture, the business also focuses on the value added segment, steadily enhancing its basket of offerings with several new products. These include frozen foods, IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits, niche products like baby-food quality purees and high brix pulp, traceable and organic purees. ITC seeks to focus on this segment and exploit the market opportunity for tropical fruits and fruit products, where India has a natural advantage of growing the complete range, including exotic varieties. In Processed Fruits category, ITC exports from ISO certified plants to Western Europe, North Africa, West Asia, Japan and North America, a wide range of Processed Fruit products made from Mango (Alphonso, Kesar & Totapuri), Guava, Papaya and Pomegranate. ITC is the leading Indian exporter of Organic and Fairtrade Certified Fruit Products certified to European (EC 2092/91) and US (NOP) Standards.


ITC's Agri Business Division has won numerous awards:

  • The Chirala and Anaparti GLTs received the 'Best Management Award' from Andhra Pradesh Labour Department and the 'Systematic Actions Towards Sustainable Energy Performance' awards from the Society of Energy Engineers & Managers, 2018

  • The Integrated Sterilisation and Grinding plant in Guntur received the 'CII Food Safety Award' for 'Significant Achievement in Food Safety', 2018

  • The Chirala and Anaparti GLTs received the 'Best Management Award' from Andhra Pradesh Labour Department, 2017

  • The Mysuru GLT received the 'Excellent Energy Efficient Unit' award from CII, Hyderabad, 2017

  • The Chirala and Anaparti units received the 'Best Management Award' from the Labour Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, 2016

  • The Anaparti GLT received the 'National Energy Management Award 2016' from the CII in the 17th National Energy Management Awards, 2016

  • The Anaparti GLT won the 'Par Excellence' award in the National Convention on Quality Concepts 2016 competition organised by the Quality Circle Forum of India, 2016

  • The Mysuru GLT won the 'Prashamsa Suraksha Puraskara' awarded by National Safety Council, Karnataka Chapter, 2015

  • The Chirala GLT received the 'Utthama Yajamanya Puraskaram' from the Labour Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh in recognition of its exemplary industrial relations practices and implementation of labour welfare measures, 2015

  • The Mysuru, Anaparti and Chirala GLTs won awards at the Regional and the National Levels from the Quality Circle Forum of India, 2015

  • The Chirala unit won the 'Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar' from the National Safety Council of India, 2014

  • The Anaparti unit won 'Gold' and 'Silver' awards from the Quality Circle Forum of India, 2014

  • The Anaparti unit won the 1st prize at the 'National Productivity Competition' held by the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Visakhapatnam, 2014

  • The Anaparti unit won the 'Gold' award at the International Convention for Quality Control Circles held in Sri Lanka, 2014

  • The Mysuru unit received the 'Gold' rating from the Indian Green Building Council, 2014

  • The Chirala plant has been awarded the 'Shreshta Suraksha Puraskar' by the National Safety Council for the year 2013

  • The Chirala and Anaparti units received the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council for ensuring 'Best Safety Management' systems, 2011

  • The Anaparti unit was also awarded the 'National Level Excellence in Water Management Award', as 'Excellent Water Efficient Unit' by CII, 2011

  • The Chirala unit won the 'Globe of Honour' award from the British Safety Council for best environmental practices, 2010

  • The chirala unit won the 'Best Management Award' from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for industrial relations & employee welfare, 2010

  • The Anaparti unit won the Gold Medal and Silver Medal awards for Quality Circles in competitions held by 'Quality Circle Forum of India' at regional level competitions and 'Distinguished Awards' at National level competitions, 2010

  • Both the Chirala and the Anaparti units were given the Total Cost Management Maturity Model Level 3 from CII for Total Cost Management, 2010

  • The Anaparti and Chirala units received the prestigious 'Sword of Honour' from the British Safety Council (the 14th consecutive 'Sword of Honour' for Chirala), 2008

  • The Chirala unit also won the Five Star rating (Safety & Environment) from the British Safety Council, 2008

  • United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Award at the international conference on Sharing Innovative Agribusiness Solutions 2008 at Cairo for ITC's exemplary initiatives in agri business through the e-Choupal.

  • The Ashoka - Changemakers 'Health For All' Award 2006 for the Rural Health Services model for delivery of health services through the e-Choupals.

  • The Stockholm Challenge 2006 for the e-Choupal initiative. This award is for using information technology for the economic development of rural communities.

  • Innovation for India Award 2006 for ITC e-Choupal in the Social Innovations category for business organizations. The first of its kind in India, based on parameters of number of lives impacted, degree of impact on organization and environment, uniqueness, leverage of resources and whether it was scalable and sustainable, e-Choupal was declared as one of 'India's Best Innovations'.

  • The Development Gateway Award 2005 (previously known as the Petersberg Prize) for its trailblazing e-Choupal initiative. ITC is the first Indian company and the second in the world to win this prestigious award.

  • The 'Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Emerging Economies for 2005'. The Company received this award for its e-Choupal and social and farm forestry initiatives that are impactfully transforming lives and landscapes in rural India.

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2004 from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) for its e-Choupal initiative. The Award provides impetus to sustainable development and encourages ongoing social responsibility processes within the corporate sector.

  • The inaugural 'World Business Award', instituted jointly by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the HRH Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the e-Choupal intervention. This award recognises companies who have made significant efforts to create sustainable livelihood opportunities and enduring wealth in developing countries.

  • The 'Enterprise Business Transformation Award' for Asia Pacific (Apac), instituted by Infosys Technologies and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, for e-Choupal.

  • PC Quest's IT Implementation Award in the 'Best Project' category, for the e-Choupal initiative.

  • The Golden Peacock Innovation Award 2004 for e-Choupal.

  • The NASSCOM award for 'Best IT User in FMCG' in 2003. The Award is a recognition of ITC's successful integration of its IT usage with its business processes, specially the e-Choupal initiative.

  • The Seagate Intelligent Enterprise of the Year 2003 Award, for the most innovative usage of Information Technology. This award recognises ITC's pathbreaking e-Choupal initiative.

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