• ITC's Health & Sanitation Programme - Building over 44,023 individual household toilets

The Indian Context

Ending open defecation and ensuring all citizens have access to proper toilet facilities is a top priority on India's national agenda. However, building toilets must go hand-in-hand with strategies to encourage people, especially in rural India, to change age-old habits and use the toilets regularly and in a hygienic way.

ITC's Contribution

ITC's Health & Sanitation Programme aims to build awareness on the critical link between sanitation and health so that families come forward with the interest in building toilets for themselves. For maximum impact, campaigns are customised for different groups - men, women, children, community leaders, etc.

Community groups - generally women's self-help groups - are formed and they carry out most of the activities: identifying potential households, providing information and building awareness, managing funds, supervising construction, following up on usage. Families get a loan through the Group to build the toilet but must pay part of the cost. Their financial stake fosters a strong sense of ownership and encourages regular usage.

ITC's Health & Sanitation Programme

Promoting Health & Dignity, Ending Open Defecation through collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships

Individual Households


Primary Beneficiaries, Financial Contributors



Project Implementation, Domain Expertise, Local Experience

Sanitation Groups


Key Action Takers, Beneficiaries



Facilitator, Programme Design, Funding, Monitoring & Evaluation

Local & Central
Government Schemes


Funding & Implementation Partners

Strategies and Key Interventions
  • Building awareness to change behaviour
  • Intensive IEC campaigns

    Intensive IEC campaigns

    Focus on link between sanitation and health

    Customised for different target groups, e.g. men, women, teenagers, young children, elderly, etc.

    Employ diverse media, e.g. hoardings, wall paintings, street plays, audio-visual presentations, etc

    Follow-up campaigns and annual events, e.g. rallies on World Toilet Day, to drive home the message

    Training community groups to inform and educate

    Training community groups to inform and educate

    Workshops/training programmes for various groups, in particular women's sanitation self-help groups formed through ITC's initiative so that they can disseminate information and promote hygienic habits in their families and communities.

  • Forming robust groups to promote & drive demand from within community
  • Forming sanitation Self-help Groups (SHGs),
    mainly women's groups

    Forming sanitation Self-help Groups (SHGs), mainly women's groups

    Group Responsibilities:

    Take the lead in spreading awareness and generating demand for sanitation infrastructure from within the community

    Visit individual households, conduct community meetings, identify potential beneficiaries

    Collect household contribution, manage loan process, supervise toilet construction

    Follow-up to ensure regular and hygienic usage of toilets

  • Providing financial assistance to construct family toilets
  • Loans provided to individual
    households through SHGs

    Loans provided to individual households through SHGs

    Families must pay part of cost for toilet construction

    Remainder paid for by loan provided by ITC through SHG/Community Group

    Loans repaid to Group, amount goes into corpus fund used to fund loams for constructing more toilets and, in some cases, for maintenance of sanitation infrastructure in local schools

  • Linking with government schemes for greater reach and scale
  • Collaborating / Partnering with
    Swachh Bharat mission

    Collaborating / Partnering with Swachh Bharat mission

    Programme contributes directly to national Swaach Bharat mission which aims to eradicate open defecation in India by ensuring all citizens have access to decent toilet facilities

    Leverages funds and proactively works with local government bodies to take benefits to more households than would otherwise be possible

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