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  • ITC's Skilling & Vocational Training Programme - Trained
    over 120,000 youth

The Indian Context

Every year around 15 million young boys and girls enter India's workforce - potentially an enormous pool of employable skilled talent - yet the country faces a huge skills gap. A major cause has been a lack of access to and focus on quality training in market relevant skills. Especially affected are young job-seekers from economically disadvantaged households in rural and semi-urban areas who make up the majority.

ITC's Contribution

Operating in its factory and agri-business catchments, ITC's Skilling & Vocational Training Programme provides them with much-needed opportunities to access high quality but affordable market-linked skills closer to their homes. Focusing on the most disadvantaged - economically and socially - it offers them a basket of market relevant skills in the manufacturing and services sectors, supported by employment linkages.

By providing these young citizens with industry-ready skills, the Programme enhances their employability in today's competitive business environment so that they can fulfil their aspirations for a brighter future.

ITC's Skilling & Vocational Training Programme

Enhancing employability of underprivileged youth through collaborative partnerships



Primary Beneficiaries



Facilitator, Funding, Monitoring & Evaluation, Linkages for Placement

Skills & Vocational
Training Institutions


Project Implementation, Domain Expertise, Local Experience

Strategies and Key Interventions
  • Providing affordable training at easily accessible locations
  • Training courses in market-relevant skills

    Training courses in market-relevant skills

    Implemented in partnership with leading skills training institutes.

    4-6 week courses offering in-demand skills training in manufacturing and services sectors e.g. hospitality, electrical, automotive, retail, computer skills, bedside assistance, beautician and tailoring.

  • Assisting participants to find employment
  • On-campus interviews & placement assistance

    On-campus interviews & placement assistance

    Placement camps and interviews organised through tie-ups with reputed corporate to maximise chances of finding employment.

    To make students job-ready, training courses include soft skills like spoken English and job apprenticeship opportunities.

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