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Sustainability Report 2013
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Environmental Performance

Resource Conservation

In 2012-13, ITC Units, generated 6,82,405 tonnes of waste. This 2.8% increase over last year in the total waste generated is due to higher production volumes in almost all businesses. However, most of the business Units have achieved reduction in specific waste generation (waste generated per unit of production).

Most of the waste was generated by our Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division (90.8%). The Bhadrachalam Unit, which accounts for 77.7% of total waste generated in ITC, has reduced specific waste generation to 1,111 kg per tonne of paper/paperboard in 2012- 13 from 1,127 kg/tonne in 2011-12. According to the Centre for Science and Environment Report, ‘All About Paper’ (2004), similar mills generated around 1,200 kg of solid waste per tonne of paper produced.

There has been a substantial reduction in specific waste generation at the Soap Units of the Personal Care Products Business Units at Manpura & Haridwar and Snacks Units of the Foods Business at Haridwar & Pune (as illustrated in the table below), which has been achieved due to the improved capacity utilisation and initiatives on yield improvement in the Units. Other Units, with significant reduction in specific waste generation in 2012-13, are as listed below:

The significant reduction in specific waste generation in the Kovai Unit is due to the reduction of flyash generation brought about by replacing lignite with biomass residues as fuel and increased utilisation of wind power, while the above mentioned Hotels and the Packaging and Printing Unit at Haridwar have achieved this reduction by implementing process improvements.

BUSINESS UNIT PRODUCT 2011-12 (Kg/tonne) 2012-13 (Kg/tonne) % IMPROVEMENT OVER LAST YEAR
Personal Care Manpura Shampoo 168.9* 92.1* 45.4
Personal Care Manpura Soap 32.0 20.9 34.7
Personal Care Haridwar Soap 52.4 37.8 27.8
Food Haridwar Snacks 141.2 101.2 28.3
Food Pune Snacks 150.8 131.3 12.9
* Unit is Kg/kl          
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