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Sustainability Report 2013
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Environmental Performance

Resource Conservation

In 2012-13, 99% of hazardous waste was recycled and the balance 1% disposed/stored in accordance with applicable statutes

Segregation of Waste


Of the total waste generated, only 2.9% by weight is hazardous waste as per the relevant Indian statutes. In 2012-13, 99% of this hazardous waste was recycled as detailed below and the balance 1% disposed/stored in accordance with applicable statutes.

All Units have established systems/ procedures to verify the authorisation/ licenses of the hazardous waste recyclers in order to ensure that they are in compliance with legal regulations and norms. Corporate EHS verifies compliance in each of the units, at an interval not exceeding 18 months.

Sludge from effluent treatment plant of Paperboards and Specialty Papers factories 18,814 To authorised agencies
35 Authorised Landfill
Empty containers of hazardous chemicals 392 Decontaminated and returned to original suppliers
5 In-house storage
Used oil/waste contaminated with oil/ oil soaked cotton waste 90 To authorised recyclers
8 Incinerated/In-house storage
Used batteries 5 In-house storage
108 Returned to original suppliers
Spent solvents/ink/ink sludge/ adhesives/Process waste/ Chemical sludge/ Sludge from fuel tanks 87 Recycled
179 Incinerated or sent to authorised landfills/stored within the Unit
Biomedical waste 2 Incinerated/Autoclaved
E - Waste 50 Recycled
7 In-house storage
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