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Sustainability Report 2013
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Stakeholder Engagement

ITC has adopted a multi-pronged, multistakeholder strategy for an inclusive approach to building partnerships in sustainable business practices. It has also put in place institutional mechanisms to facilitate strong partnerships with communities in its programmes such as Watershed Development, Social Forestry, Animal Husbandry Services and Women’s Empowerment. These initiatives augment the natural resource base and create sustainable rural livelihoods.

ITC has systems and procedures to identify, prioritise and address the needs and concerns of all its key stakeholders across businesses and units. Its core stakeholders comprise:


ITC believes that protection and enhancement of shareholder wealth is one of the Company’s key responsibilities. The primary expectations of shareholders remain centred around continued profitability and growth, effective communications and investor servicing.

The Chairman addresses and provides clarifications to shareholders at least once a year at the Annual General Meeting in the presence of the Board. The Board encourages open dialogue with all shareholders, including individuals, corporates and investors.

Our corporate website provides comprehensive information and contains an exclusive section on ‘Shareholder Value’ which serves to inform and service shareholders. An exclusive e-mail id: has also been provided to the shareholders for direct interaction.

As trustees of shareholders, we believe that it is our responsibility to protect and enhance their wealth


Enduring and long-term customer relationships form the bedrock of ITC’s businesses. Significant efforts are made to gain insights into customers’ needs and aspirations and to seek consumer delight through ITC’s high-quality and costcompetitive products and services.

Most of ITC’s Businesses have various mechanisms to capture the needs and expectations of the customer, such as market surveys, personal contacts/visits, events, customer satisfaction surveys, joint development and improvement projects, key account management, multi-level interfaces at dealer-customer-end user, personalised lifestyle privilege programme, etc.

Robust Quality Assurance systems, supported by process innovations, adoption of green technology, lean management, six sigma and TPM, help to achieve benchmarks in the quality of products and services that can sustain and enhance customer delight. ITC also continues to invest significantly in R&D to develop newer products/variants.

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