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Sustainability Report 2013
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Social Performance

Labour Practices And Decent Work

Engaging Talent

Our Talent Management strategy is focused on building a 'future-ready' talent bank in the organisation to ensure a pipeline of high quality managerial talent, specialists and business leaders. This is premised on attracting, developing and retaining high-quality talent. ITC’s talent brand "Building winning businesses. Building business leaders. Creating value for India.", reflects its commitment to nurture world-class talent whilst providing them the opportunity to develop as leaders and make a contribution to a larger purpose. Our talent engagement approach is focussed on:

Attracting and nurturing quality talent supported by significant investments in learning and development; a culture of empowerment, care and concern supported by systems and processes that encourage engagement and involvement.

Creating a responsive, stakeholder-centric and market-focused culture that enhances organisational capability and vitality.

Building Business Leaders

We recruit quality talent from premier campuses across the country through an objective and robust selection process. New entrants are assigned to various businesses of the Company and are deployed across the country. Our strategy of organisation is based on the principle of distributed leadership in order to unleash the entrepreneurial energies of our human resources. The strategy of organisation and its on-going emphasis on developing and supporting distributed leadership have ensured that each of our Company’s businesses are managed by a team of competent, passionate and inspiring leaders.

Supporting Communities: Generating Employment, Enhancing Employability

We encourage local employment in our manufacturing Units and hotels, depending on the availability of requisite skills. In some of our Units, we also partner with local Industrial Training Institutes to provide vital inputs to the management of these institutions. A large number of youth are also provided apprentice training opportunities in our manufacturing Units.

The different value chains related to our businesses provide indirect employment to over 5 million people, whose livelihoods are substantially linked to their association with the Company. Our supply and distribution and agri-sourcing network as well as initiatives under Social and Farm Forestry, e-Choupals, Women’s Empowerment and micro-enterprises and Livestock Development provide indirect employment to millions.

Human Resources at ITC

Our human resource management systems and processes aim at creating a responsive, empowering, customer-centric and market focused culture that enhances organisational capability and vitality.

During 2012-13, our full-time direct employees numbered over 31,000 of which 2,202 employees were engaged on a seasonal basis (in the Leaf Tobacco business due to the very nature of this business). Of the total number of employees 3,043 were women.

Gender-Wise Employee Break up

Visual Representation of Gender-Wise Employee Break up

Age-Wise Employee Break up

Visual Representation of Age-Wise Employee Break up

The harmonious relations at all operating Units are a reflection of the Company’s approach to employee engagement focusing on a collaborative approach and mutuality of interests

The various service providers engaged by the Company during the period employed approximately 15,000 persons.

Over 13,000 of our direct employees are members of various unions. Employees are involved in the implementation of best in class technology and process improvements aimed at enhancing productivity, quality and delivery effectiveness.

The harmonious relations at all operating Units are a reflection of the Company’s approach to employee engagement focusing on a collaborative approach and mutuality of interests. There were no industrial disputes in ITC Units, nor did the Company lose any working days on account of the same during 2012-13.

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