Inspired by the opportunity to sub-serve larger national priorities, the Company redefined its vision to not only reposition the organisation for extreme competitiveness but also make societal value creation the bedrock of its corporate strategy. This super-ordinate vision spurred innovative strategies to address some of the most challenging societal issues including widespread poverty, unemployment and environmental degradation. The Company's sustainability strategy aims at creating significant value for the nation through superior 'Triple Bottom Line' performance that builds and enriches the country's economic, environmental and social capital. The sustainability strategy is premised on the belief that the transformational capacity of business can be very effectively leveraged to create significant societal value through a spirit of innovation and enterprise. These sustainability policies adopted by the Company are aimed at strengthening the mechanisms of engagement with key stakeholders, identification of material sustainability issues and progressively monitoring and mitigating the impacts along the value chain of each Business, wherever relevant.

With sustainability at the heart of the Company's corporate strategy, it aims to create growing value for the Indian society through its 'Triple Bottom Line' approach strategy that synergies creation of social and environmental capital with the generation of shareholder value.

  • Goals and Performance

    At the enterprise level, the Company's goals include -

    • Sustaining ITC's position as one of India's most valuable corporations.
    • Achieving leadership in each of the business segments within a reasonable time frame.
    • Achieving a Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) in excess of the Company's cost of capital, at all times.

    Please refer to the 'Report of the Directors and Management Discussion and Analysis' section of the Report and Accounts 2016 (available on for a detailed discussion on the Company's market standing in each of the business segments, as well as the business environment, opportunities, key challenges, etc. pertaining to each of the Company's businesses.