Remittance of Dividend through Electronic Mode:

The Company provides the facility for remittance of dividend to Shareholders through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) / NACH (National Automated Clearing House) / NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).

Shareholders who have not opted for remittance of dividend through electronic mode and wish to avail the same, are required to provide their bank details, including IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) and MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) numbers to their respective Depository Participants or to ISC, where shares are held in the dematerialised form and in the physical form, respectively.

For printing the Mandate form for providing bank details (applicable for shares held in physical form only) : Click here


Loss of Dividend Warrant:

In the event of loss of any Dividend Warrant in transit or otherwise, Dividend will be credited to your bank account electronically if the requisite bank particulars are made available to the Company. Alternately, a Demand Draft will be issued in lieu of the Dividend Warrant.

You would be required to execute and furnish an Indemnity for the above purpose in the event the validity period of the Dividend Warrant has not expired.

For printing specimen of indemnity: Click here

Bank Details:

Shareholders holding shares in the physical form are requested to advise the Investor Service Centre of the Company of change in their bank details / mandate to facilitate better servicing.

Shareholders are advised that bank details as furnished by NSDL / CDSL or by them to the Company, for shares held in the dematerialised form and in the physical form respectively, will be printed on the dividend warrants as a measure of protection against fraudulent encashment.

Loss of Share Certificate(s):

Loss of Share Certificate(s) of the Company are required to be notified without delay alongwith the following documents :

  • Certified copy of an FIR / police acknowledged complaint.

  • Affidavit affirming loss of the Share Certificate(s).

  • Indemnity agreeing to indemnify the Company against any future claims that may be made on the Company arising out of issuance of such duplicate Share Certificate(s) by the Company.

  • Press Advertisement informing the public about such loss and advising the request made to the Company for issue of duplicate Share Certificate(s).

  • Bank Guarantee in favour of the Company for the market value of the Shares, as on the date of execution of the Guarantee, for a period of two years.

  • Self attested copies of any two of Passport / PAN Card/ Driving License/ Voters Identity Card etc. towards proof of identification & address.

For printing specimen of Affidavit, Indemnity, Press Advertisement and Bank Guarantee: Click here


Requests for issue of Duplicate Certificate(s) where the value of such lost Shares exceeds Rs 25 lakhs will not be entertained unless accompanied by an order from a Court of competent jurisdiction directing the Company to issue duplicate Share Certificate(s).

The FIR / police acknowledged complaint should be lodged in English and must necessarily include complete information about the Share Certificate(s) reported lost / misplaced, viz, Share Certificate no(s), distinctive nos, number of Shares, folio no(s) etc. In case the FIR / police acknowledged complaint is lodged in a local language, a duly certified English translated version of the same should also be made available to ISC.

Duplicate Share Certificate(s) cannot be issued by the Company where the Shares in question are transferred / dematerialised.

Nomination Facility:

Shareholders who hold Shares in the physical form and wish to make any nomination / change nomination made earlier in respect of their shareholding in the Company, should submit to ISC the prescribed Forms together with self-attested copies of any two of the following documents in support of identification of the proposed nominees:

PAN Card or Passport or Voter Identity Card or Driving Licence.

For printing the Nomination Form: Click here

For printing the Form for Cancellation or Variation of Nomination: Click here


Change of Address:

Shareholders who hold shares in the physical form and wish to effect change in address recorded with the Company may submit to ISC a duly completed Change of Address Request Form.

For printing Change of Address Request form: Click here


Change of address will be effected provided the signature of the registered holder on the Change of Address Request Form matches with the specimen signature on record with the Company.

Change in status from Resident to Non-Resident:

On change of status from Resident to Non-Resident and where sale proceeds of your Shares or dividend payment is sought to be repatriated outside India, prior permission from the Reserve Bank of India through your banker in India would be required to be submitted to the Company.

In case you have become a non-resident, but do not wish to repatriate the sale proceeds of your Shares or dividend payment outside India, a duly completed Form of Undertaking would be required to be submitted to the Company.

For printing specimen of form of Undertaking: Click here


Please remember to mention your Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) account number with the banker in India to facilitate payment of dividend.

Shareholders are requested to provide their e-mail address, telephone / fax numbers and quote their account members / DP ID & Client ID numbers in all correspondence with ISC to facilitate prompt response.