ITC Spices

ITC Spices engages 10,000 farmers across 170 villages to offer customers the finest food safe spices

ITC Spices Business, is one of India's leading producers and exporters of Backward Integrated Food Safe Spices. Located in Guntur, the "chilli capital of the world", ITC Spices currently handles more than 35,000 MT of chilli, turmeric, coriander ginger, seed spices (cumin, fennel, fenugreek and celery) and blended spices.

ITC's key strength is in its century long relationship with farmers who form an integral part of this business. Partnering with more than 10,000 spice farmers across 170 villages, and 35,000 hectares of cropland, ITC has been able to produce the purest spices complying with the most stringent food safety norms across the world.

Not only has the business successfully implemented an Integrated Pest Management program to grow food safe spices but also adopted a holistic approach towards delivering long term sustainable food safety through its Integrated Community Engagement. This involves large scale interventions-technological, agronomical, social, and environmental - at the very grassroots level. ITC Spices has been certified by Rainforest Alliance for its exemplary farm sustainability program.

Complementing ITC's strong backward linkages, is its state of the art processing facility and end to end traceable supply chain. ITC Spices' BRC AA grade certified processing facility is one of the most advanced in the industry with innovative technologies, six sigma driven processes and robust food defense systems ensuring food safe produce and superior sensorial experience. ITC has leverage its cross industry expertise in developing unconventional grinding technologies and established Integrated Grinding & Sterilization unit having standards of ISO Class 8, which maintains high volatile oil in processed seed spices and ensures superior visual color and packing capabilities ranging from 50 gms retails SKUs to Jumbo 500 Kgs bulk packing.

The entire supply chain is controlled by an IT enabled traceability system which ensures a positive control release mechanism provides farm to fork visibility for our products. The product is further secured through the internal ISO 17025 accredited Quality Control laboratory.

The ITC Spices Business strives to deliver the highest quality to its customers and addresses their food safety concerns by nurturing process driven value chains. Food Safety, Quality and sustainability form the cardinal principles of ITC's spices business.

Awards & Recognitions
ITC's Agri Business Division has won numerous awards: