A Bouquet Of Products for Devotional Needs From ITC

January 24, 2022

An Incense Stick Manufacturer

At ITC Mangaldeep, we make delightfully fragrant incense sticks with a unified aim: to make every prayer a special experience. When you light Mangaldeep agarbattis, the relaxing, sweet fragrances help dispel your worries and allows you to have an undisturbed conversation with God. The Mangaldeep Temple 'Fragrance of God' range is anchored on the core proposition of 'bringing home the divinity of the temple' and has found a wide user base across zones. The brand portfolio also includes perfumed dhoop and dhoop cones

Mangaldeep has consistently presented a superior product experience with a deep connect to devotion. ITC has also taken steps toward enhancing the product mix and driving cost optimisation.

The Agarbatti industry witnessed significant challenges in the wake of the pandemic, with most temples closing. Agarbatti consumers, however, gravitated towards trusted and credible brands like Mangaldeep, and tended to purchase 'value for money' packs. During that period, the Mangaldeep brand also emerged as a companion to every Indian's devotional journey, with an app connecting users across the country and abroad.

ITC is also a manufacturer of safety matches, and owns popular brands like Aim, Ship and Homelites, offering fresh formats and innovative value additions. For example, the wax matchstick has better resistance in windy conditions, burns longer and comes in a compact size, making it an ideal companion for outdoor usage. Homelites matches are stronger, longer and karborised and safe for at home use.

Incense sticks and safety matched by ITC
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