Choose the right mask!

January 21, 2022

Just like the virus, masks have variants too. One of the most powerful mask variants is the scientifically designed, BIS certified FFP2 mask or an N95 mask. As per a study by ACGIH USA, if we all wear correct masks, we can stay protected from viruses for up to 25 hours, even when presence is shared with an infected person (see table). With cloth masks, this duration drops to 27 minutes.

FFP2 masks have electrostatically charged layers that ordinary masks do not have. Experts recommend using FFP2 or N95 masks only.

Get maximum protection with Savlon.

This infographic by ITC Savlon explains simply how correctly wearing an N95 or FFP2 mask can help you get maximum protection from COVID-19. To order Savlon masks and other hygiene essentials, go to

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