Connoisseurs Delight: 75 years in a Collectible Box

August 17, 2022

We designed a collector's item to commemorate 75 years of India's independence - one that tries to capture the nostalgia of India's post-independence journey - a curated limited-edition pack of 75 ITC matchboxes in an elegant box decorated with ethnic art elements.

Each matchbox included in the celebratory pack represents a fragment of history. While 'Three Mangoes', 'Homelites', 'Ship' and 'AIM' are easily found at retail outlets, some other brands are only available in select geographies. 'Rising Sun', 'Deer and Tiger', 'Tea Girl', and variants of 'HL Glo' and 'IKNO' brands have been taken off the market.

The humble matchbox is one of the simplest and most essential items we have always used on a day to day, and our matchboxes have been an integral part of Indian life through the years, a quiet participant in celebrating the nation's many successes. These are legacy brands that have been witness to India's growth milestones - be it the eradication of polio or our journey to the moon and beyond.

As the nation pays homage to 75 glorious years of freedom, we have fashioned this giftable, a treasure that lets the connoisseur hold history in their hands. A look at the cover below.

'itc legacy matchbox
ITC Brands