COVID-19 Initiatives

ITC, cooking meals for the most vulnerable

Inspired by the abiding commitment to serve national priorities exemplified by its credo of 'Sab Saath Badhein', ITC heightened its efforts to address some of the acute challenges the nation faced in the wake of the pandemic. Responding with agility and compassion, ITC undertook several initiatives to support poor communities in distress.

As the first wave hit the country, ITC set up a COVID Contingency Fund of Rs 215 crores to support the vulnerable. Essential food and hygiene products were speedily distributed among millions in 25 States and Union Territories.

Moreover, across India, ITC factory canteens and hotel kitchens were put to good use, cooking nutritious meals for the most vulnerable Indians, many of whom were hit the hardest with loss of livelihoods. Cooked fresh meals also went to frontline health workers battling the pandemic bravely. Watch the video to know more.

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