Filo Pack - Sustainable Packaging from ITC

May 06, 2022

FiloPack is an innovative offering from ITC's Paperboards and Specialty Papers Business. A part of the Filo series of recyclable, compostable paperboards, it is being used by countless food packagers as a potential eco-friendly substitute to single-use plastics. Usually, FiloPack is used to make eco-friendly paper plates and trays.

FiloPack For Single Use Plastic Substitution

Created for the growing food serving and delivery market as a replacement to single use plastics, making it easy and convenient to deliver oily and greasy foods like samosa, sweets, burger, sandwiches, and cakes, FiloPack offers exceptional water, oil and grease resistance and is 100% recyclable. The board combines excellent strength and printability along with uniform coating, giving a superior performance on high speed printing and converting lines. It is compatible with cold and hot melt glue and can also be heat sealed. This makes FiloPack perfect for a snack on the go anytime, anywhere, and lets consumers go green! FiloPack is also safe for direct food contact, conforming to all food compliances and regulatory requirements.

The Sustainable Plantations Behind ITC's Recyclable Boards

ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division has ensured that the base board for this range of paperboard packaging products is made with wood fibres from renewable pulpwood plantations that ITC's farmer partners manage. Effectively, the pulp value chain anchored to the FiloPack product is responsible and kind to the environment and sustainable.

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