FiloBev - Sustainable Packaging from ITC

May 02, 2022

An innovative solution to substitute single use plastics

One of the recent innovations of the ITC Paperboards and Specialty Papers Business is the Filo series of sustainable packaging boards, specially designed as a single use plastic substitution offering.

This story is about FiloBev, a product that can potentially replace single use plastics and provides an eco-friendly, plastic free packaging alternative. The Filo series consists of three products - the FiloBev, FiloServe and FiloPack paperboards, all food grade and becoming quickly popular with food packagers in India's thriving fast food/quick service restaurant space.

Sustainable Packaging: Being Planet-friendly

FiloBev, a 100% recyclable food grade board, is made from wood fibres sourced from sustainable pulpwood plantations that provide much of the raw material for ITC's paperboard packaging products. It was developed for serving beverages in an eco-friendly manner, as a replacement for single use plastics and LDPE coated cups. The odour-free paperboard is coated with a special barrier that gives excellent water-resistant properties. Moreover, FiloBev is heat sealable in existing machines.

ITC's range of papers and boards meet a variety of customer needs, and has steadily innovated to present, pack and protect consumer products in myriad ways. Strongly market-driven, the Business' focus is on value-addition, new product development, quality enhancement and sustainability. These are backed by a marketing and technical team who work to enrich relationships and deliver growing customer satisfaction levels.

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