How ITC Hotels achieved LEED Zero Carbon Certification?

November 16, 2023

Creating low-carbon intensity infrastructure is a crucial component for driving green growth. Building green infrastructure is a vital plank in ITC's agenda for environmental stewardship. Today ITC has built more than 40 platinum certified green buildings comprising iconic hotels, state-of-the-art factories, contemporary offices and residential buildings and a data centre.

Taking forward the green footprint, it gives us great pride that the world's first 12 hotels to be LEED Zero Carbon certified are ITC properties.

How ITC Hotels achieved LEED Zero Carbon Certification?

It takes a number of elements to make a hotel one that's LEED Zero Carbon certified. To achieve this certification, a building (in this case, our hotels) must meet two requirements:

Net Zero Carbon Emissions: The building must have a net-zero carbon footprint, meaning that it produces no more greenhouse gas emissions than it offsets through the use of renewable energy sources and/or carbon credits.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The building must also demonstrate a high level of energy efficiency through the use of sustainable design practices and technologies.

Swipe through the image carousel to find out how multiple elements come together to make a building reach net zero carbon emissions and become highly energy efficient.

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