India's Green Bounty

December 16, 2021

Agriculture in India supports over half the population, but many farmers deal with difficult challenges, trying to cultivate degraded lands unsuitable for growing crops. For small farmers, this triggers a vicious cycle of poverty and debt, as they are barely able to earn enough to get by, let alone invest in modern technology and infrastructure.

ITC's large-scale afforestation initiatives have been designed to help farmers diversify their incomes from their lands with tree-based farming, creating commercially viable, sustainable land-use options, especially for smallholders. At the same time, profitable plantations ensure food, fodder and fuelwood security for whole communities.

Towards replenishing the nation's natural resources, these programmes have cumulatively greened over 9.00,000 acres, enabling significant carbon sequestration and supporting over 160 million-person-days of employment for marginal farmers and tribals. Our efforts to conserve biodiversity now extend across more than 44,000 acres, as we work to revive and sustain ecosystem services and products provided by nature.

This video from our archives captures the essence of ITC's social and farm forestry initiatives and showcases their impact. Watch now.

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