COVID-19 Initiatives

ITC help set up 200-bed Covid-19 medical facility in Kolkata

ITC's abiding commitment to serve national priorities is enshrined in its credo of 'Nation First: Sab Saath Badhein'. When the pandemic struck India in successive waves, ITC heightened its efforts to ameliorate some of the acute challenges the disaster brought on.

ITC's COVID-19 facility in Kolkata

ITC's response to the pandemic involved the important element of providing infrastructural support to the fight. In addition to sourcing more than 1,200 concentrators and 22 oxygen generators, ITC supported the setting up of a temporary 200-bed medical facility in Kolkata by Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata during the second wave. The unit had provisions for both the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients and for administering vaccines. The Kishore Bharati Stadium, provided timely by the Govt. of West Bengal, was converted urgently into a makeshift hospital in record 72 hours, thanks to the collaborative effort by ITC and Medica teams, who worked relentlessly to serve the nation amidst such adversity.

Other COVID-19 initiatives

ITC also set up a COVID Contingency Fund to support the vulnerable when the first wave hit, and distributed essential food and hygiene products in 25 States and Union Territories. Moreover, ITC helped daily wage earners access the MGNREGA scheme, facilitating livelihood creation.

The COVID-19 pandemic also necessitated immediate action to safeguard people and maintain continuity of operations. ITC promptly responded by establishing comprehensive safety protocols. The quick implementation of these protocols helped prevent any major disruptions across operating locations. Further, to ensure resilience and safety across the value chain, several ITC businesses also supported their respective supply chain partners in implementing these protocols.

ITC made arrangements with various medical establishments to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination for its employees and their families, as well as value chain partners across India.

  • 200-bed medical facility in Kolkata
  • ITC Covid-19 initiatives
  • ITC's COVID-19 facility in Kolkata
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