ITC: Breaking Gender Stereotypes In The Manufacturing Sector

June 21, 2024

While Ramya Manusri, a young mother, is assured of her 2 year old's well-being as she puts in her hours at work, K Mallika, another bright, young, professional, is promised work place safety as well as transportation facilities to make commuting to work easier. ITC employees, Manusri, Mallika, and a countless other women at the Company's manufacturing units, are being offered the support and opportunities needed to break the proverbial "glass ceiling". As a result, the Company's FMCG plants at Medak, Pudukkottai and Khordah are seeing more than 50% representantion of women in the workforce - in a sector that is predominantly void of female participation.

Be it crèches to tend to children to routine health and sanitation check-ups to hosting gender sensitisation sessions, ITC's D&I policies continue to ensure women are propelled to tranform the manufacturing landscape. The CNBC-TV18 video narrates the tales of such awe-inspiring individuals. Watch here.

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