Building the ITC of Tomorrow

ITC is more than a century old, and is scaling new horizons of competitiveness. Its businesses have contributed to the creation of economic, social and environmental capital, and it has pivoted with agility and resilience to navigate through shifting environments. ITC's work is founded on the tenets of consumer-centricity, demonstrating speed in seizing market opportunities, relentless focus on execution excellence and pro-active strategic interventions. The company's paradigm of 'Responsible Capitalism' focuses on extreme competitiveness, but in a manner that builds environmental capital and supports sustainable livelihoods.

At present, an extensive strategy reset across all businesses are defining the contours of 'ITC Next'. Structural drivers are being put in place to ensure that the enterprise would remain future-ready, nimble and inclusive. As a core element of the ITC Next strategy, ITC has been exploring opportunities to craft disruptive business models anchored at the intersection of Digital and Sustainability, the two defining trends that are redefining the 'new normal', while leveraging the company's institutional strengths. Under a new Sustainability 2.0 agenda, ambitious targets have been set to decarbonize, build climate resilience and support sustainable livelihoods.

Today, on ITC's 111th birthday, we present a new 4-minute film that deconstructs 'ITC Next'. Watch and share.

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