ITC Combating Climate Change

November 16, 2021

Climate change and the threat it poses to the environment and livelihoods has unequivocally emerged as one of the top risks as outlined in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Report on Global Risk. It is one of the biggest challenges the world is grappling with today.

Climate change acts as a risk multiplier, and has exacerbated the existing environmental and ecosystem challenges of constrained availability and steady depletion of natural resources including biodiversity. Effects are being felt across the world including in India.

Building climate resilience

At ITC, we are working towards building climate resilience and taking steps to progress to a net zero economy. First, we are pursuing a low-carbon growth strategy through extensive decarbonisation programmes across our value chains. These include increasing the share of renewable energy in its overall energy mix, continuous reduction of specific energy consumption, construction of green buildings, greening logistics and optimising 'distance-to-market', and promoting regenerative agriculture practices in key agri value chains.

Additionally, ITC's multi-pronged approach also focuses on sequestering more carbon than what it emits and climate proofing its operations as well as agri value chains, thus enabling a rapid transition to a net zero economy. We have also set ambitious climate action targets under our Sustainability 2.0 agenda.

This new 2-minute video contains the essence of our response to climate risk.

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