COVID-19 Initiatives

'Covid Unlock Katha' - Handwashing

ITC presents the second of a three-part video series - 'COVID Unlock Katha'. For children, transitioning to a 'new normal' has meant going back to their lessons, albeit from home. In this film, Satish's daughter Pooja seems to have absorbed classroom teaching as well as knowledge on how to keep the virus at bay. In 'COVID Unlock Katha', Episode 2, Pooja is voice of reason and gusty changemaker rolled into one, guiding her father into a handwashing routine that's essential to beat the virus.

Can washing your hands protect you from COVID-19?

The short answer is yes. Even as the pandemic slows down, keeping hands clean by washing with soap and water is one of the easiest and most effective ways of preventing infection. Wearing masks the right way and maintaining adequate social distancing are two others.

Listen now, and share to spread awareness.

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