ITC's diverse businesses, brands, and work in sustainability

October 25, 2021

Since its inception, ITC has remained committed to one object - creating enduring value for India as a homegrown enterprise. Through the years, ITC has also shaped itself into an exemplar of sustainability recognized globally, with inclusive growth a driving force for all its work.

Today, ITC participates in all three major sectors of the economy - Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services, and its portfolio of FMCG brands delight customers in 150 million households in India. A cluster of ten social investment programmes work in harmony to protect and replenish environmental resources, empower rural communities and build capacities to face the future with confidence.

This 5-minute film takes you through a virtual panorama of ITC's diverse businesses, brands, and work in sustainability. It speaks of the innovation and agility that drive us in an evolving post-pandemic world, and of the compassion at the core of our enduring relationships with our stakeholders. Watch and share.

ITC Brands