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January 18, 2022

As consumer needs evolve, so does our portfolio of offerings. With increasing preferences for convenience foods and snacks, ITC Foods is constantly diversifying our range of ready-to-eat gourmet foods, instant meals and healthy, tasty, preservative free snacks. From delectable healthy snacks, biscuits, cookies, cakes and exquisite chocolates to innovative starters, biryani, and gravies inspired by the rich heritage of authentic Indian cuisine, our packaged convenience food and beverage lines by well-loved brands, we have it all!

An array of healthy snacks

Under convenience foods and snacking, ITC has a gamut of ready to eats, instant mixes, frozen and bridge snacks, chocolate and biscuits and much more. The portfolio spans popular brands like Sunfeast, Kitchens of India, ITC Master Chef, Bingo!, YiPPee!, and Aashirvaad and addresses the tastes of consumers across geographies. Already, several have made it to leadership positions in their segments.

ITC is constantly exploring new ways to expand its range of snacks and convenience foods, with nutrition and health being important factors in developing new products. And because these brands are connected to our agri value chains, we can ensure quality and specific attributes and nurture preservative free varieties while providing livelihoods to millions of farmers.

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