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January 23, 2022

ITC's Education and Stationery brands are some of the most trusted brands for all stationery needs in India, delighting students and professionals with innovative products - notebooks, pens, art supplies and more.

About ITC's Branded Stationery

The Classmate and Paperkraft brands form the backbone of the stationery business, which has remained focused on developing and launching innovative, superior quality products. To do this, the business has leveraged robust product development platforms in collaboration with ITC's Life Sciences and Technology Centre.

ITC Classmate

Classmate is committed to partnering with consumers in their journey of learning and development at all levels. Recently, 'Classmate Pulse' has become popular among college students, even as Paperkraft products have emerged as aesthetic companions to professionals. The launch of 'Classmate Interaktiv' series with 'Origami theme' notebooks are the first in a series of engagement-based notebooks, encouraging students to learn through 'Do It Yourself' activities.

ITC's Education and Stationery Business is also deepening consumer engagement through, a first-to-market initiative that offers personalised notebook covers. The unique 'MyClassmate' app is designed to develop cognitive and co-curricular skills in a gamified format.

Paperkraft Stationery

The ITC 'Paperkraft' range today carries premium notebooks, pens and stationery gift boxes for professionals. They carry a positive environmental footprint and are made from the greenest paper and paperboards.

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