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January 21, 2022

Personal hygiene products from ITC

In a post-pandemic world where the need for hygiene solutions has soared, ITC is providing advanced health and personal hygiene products in multiple categories. From basic essentials like soaps and sanitizers, ITC's Personal Care Products Business has also innovated at speed to create and market antiseptic and disinfectant sprays and wipes at a time when consumer demand for these items soared rapidly.

The Savlon health and hygiene portfolio also includes a clothes sanitizer spray and hand sanitizer in affordable pen and sachet formats. With Savlon's hygiene and disinfection products, Indian consumers get up to 99% protection from germs.

Ensuring good home care

ITC has also innovated to create a natural home care range with the power of neem. The 'Nim' collection consists of the Nimyle floor cleaner, the Nimeasy dishwashing liquid and an innovative fruit and vegetable wash called Nimwash. All of these products leverage the natural action of neem for perfect cleanliness in the home on a day to day.

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