ITC's Mom's Magic Presents The Happiness Hack Experiment!

January 04, 2023

Sunfeast Mom's Magic recently conducted research that has thrown up interesting findings. People hug their moms 50% less than they used to when they were kids. They were missing out on mom's hug which is so powerful that it has the ability to make them feel happy instantly.

With its purpose of helping mothers work their magic, the brand wanted to address the problem and offer a solution, ensuring that no one misses this magic. "The Happiness Hack Experiment" was meant to encourage everyone to spend more time with their mom. The message at the heart of the campaign is HugHerMore, encouraging people to take this up as new year resolution.

The campaign video has reached a large cross section of people across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Users are talking about how they connected emotionally with the core idea and wanted to go hug their mom. In comments, thousands reported having made the new year resolution to hug their mom more often.

Watch the 4-minute campaign video

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