ITC Narmada - An Ode to the Craftsmanship of Gujarat

July 12, 2022

ITC Narmada, opening soon, is the latest addition to the ITC Hotels' luxury portfolio, and our ode to the grandeur of Gujarat. The property's style and design celebrate the majestic local Patola weave in its associates' apparel. The age-old, intricately hand-woven Patola fabric is a heritage art form from the Patan region of Gujarat, and manifests the richness and variety of patterns and palettes.

The Patola saree manifests the richness of this heritage craft in a variety of patterns and palettes and is considered a prized wardrobe treasure. Its creation involves a rare and laborious technique; often, it may take six months to a year to weave one saree, which elevates these masterpieces to the status of treasured heirlooms.

Watch this video for a glimpse of how ITC Narmada honours the Patola weave, and stay tuned for more updates on ITC Narmada.

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