ITC's Packaging Business Wins 19 Awards: A Saga of Excellence

April 05, 2022

ITC's Packaging Business stole the show at the INDIA STAR Awards by the Indian Institute of Packaging, winning 19 top prizes for excellence in packaging design and development at a ceremony in Mumbai on February 25, 2022. With the maximum number of winning entries, the Business - a provider of sustainable packaging solutions and driven by the spirit of innovation - has also been honoured with a Special Recognition Award for Excellence in Packaging.

16 of the awards came in the 'Consumer Package' category. We also scored two wins in the 'Eco-friendly Package' category and bagged the top spot in 'Packaging Material & Adjunct'.

This triumph makes for a story that has been unfolding for decades. ITC's packaging business has a footprint in a wide spectrum of industries, and has helped enhance the look and feel of many leading brands. Our aim has always been to develop innovative, reliable solutions to aid product branding and respond to evolving consumer preferences. For years, we have focused especially on sustainable packaging solutions, developing eco-friendly products that allow for better management of post-consumer packaging waste.

The Packaging Business is leading the way with trailblazing sustainable packaging innovations under the flagship InnovPack campaign. The unique Bioseal coating technology is one of the solutions from the line. A compostable coating solution made from biopolymers, Bioseal has superior grease-resistance and seal-ability, setting forth an eco-friendly alternative to plastics and poly films.

What made award-winning packaging design

The 'Breathable Wheat Flour Pack', another ITC innovation, comes with air release control to strengthen packaging, prevent bursting under harsh logistics conditions, as well as the ingress of pests. The pack extends shelf life, benefitting the supply chain and ultimately the consumer.

We have also designed plastic free sustainable cartons for an alcobev giant and created a simple carton that easily transforms into the one-of-a-kind Boom Box to enhance the brand's visibility, letting the customer notice the product's differentiation and build customer-supplier intimacy.

Over the years we have built an unmatched all-round expertise founded on deep knowledge, insights and ITC's traditional enterprise strength - cutting-edge innovation. The INDIA STAR Awards, recognized worldwide, have honored this. For us, this win is an acknowledgement of our excellence in outstanding packaging, with regard to originality of design, visual appeal, cost effectiveness, eco-friendliness, user convenience and packaging economics.

ITC's Packaging Business Wins 19 Awards
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