ITC shines at the India Star Awards 2023

April 25, 2023

ITC's Packaging and Printing Business steals the show at the India Star Awards 2023! With 17 top prizes!

As always, awards came for versatile packaging design solutions for clients in across diverse industries -foods, beverages including alcobevs, and a new carton for a sportswear giant.

Several of the winning designs were pivoted on the sustainable packaging innovations that ITC is known for, and made use of paper and paperboards to develop strong, durable packs. An environment-friendly, compostable and germ-free box was crated for a prominent sweet maker, deploying the patented ITC 'Bio Seal' technology coating.

A breakthrough functional innovation was shaped for a box for the sportswear client, bringing together durability and a premium unboxing experience for the end-user.

Among these unique designs were a carton and gift pack for ITC's very own Dark Fantasy premium biscuits and an elegant, attractive pack for Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates!

In every case, the ITC packaging team masterminds also incorporated beautiful design elements and new age printing technologies - including embossing and foil stamping - to craft aesthetically pleasing, vibrant packages.

Each one of the award-winning solutions upheld values central to ITC's work - meeting specific customer needs, and delivering excellence every time.

The prestigious India Star Awards honour the best innovation and technological advances in packaging design across sectors.

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