COVID-19 Initiatives

SMS Kiya?

Despite the drop in case count, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a major concern, with new virus variants threatening a rise in infections. To stay protected, we must be alert, vigilant and careful, even as India fights ramps up vaccinations to content with the menace.

As responsible citizens, each one of us can play a vital role in stopping the virus. Most importantly, practicing preaching the tenet of 'SMS - S anitization, M ask, S afe Distancing' can do a world of good.

A simple, powerful COVID-19 initiative

The 'SMS' rule encapsulates the most important ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. With the 'SMS Kiya' campaign, ITC has tried to raise awareness on COVID prevention and bring about simple behavioural changes to avoid getting infected. The core premise of the campaign is that asking the simple question, 'SMS Kiya?' can help save precious lives.

Watch this campaign video with sound, and do please share.

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  • 'SMS Kiya' campaign by ITC
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