Story of Change - Tara Devi

At ITC, it's a matter of great joy and humility for us to have worked with over 86,700 poor rural women like Tara Devi, women who took their destinies into their own hands and rewrote their own stories. Tara, without much formal education, was a housewife for years. Until she went against social norm and her husband's wishes to get training at a farm field school supported by ITC and learned about modern agronomic practices and farming techniques. What she learned she passed on to other women in the village, helping others grow with her.

Today, Tara Devi is a respected decision-maker in her community and a role model for younger girls. Her family, too, takes pride in her new role.

This is her story of change. See how ITC's initiative for women empowerment helped Tara Devi, capturing her journey of transition from a village housewife to a farmer and skills trainer in her own right. Watch and share.

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