The spirit of Team ITC | Sab Saath Badhein

ITC articulated a vision two decades ago, inspired by the idea of serving national priorities. The company adopted the credo of 'Putting India First', resolving to build an exemplary Indian enterprise that creates economic wealth as well as ecological and social capital.

We have designed social investment programmes to respond to the unique challenges of our stakeholder communities. Our e-Choupal ecosystem has empowered 4 million farmers. Our watershed development initiative has improved water management across 1.3 million acres, while afforestation and sustainable agriculture interventions have significantly strengthened agri-based livelihoods.

ITC also runs programmes for economically empowering women, supplementing primary education, and skilling youth. An integrated livestock development helps expand rural income streams. Together, these initiatives are building community infrastructure and creating better opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

In line with its commitment to put nation first, ITC organized efforts to ameliorate some of the acute challenges that appeared in the wake of the pandemic. In addition to distributing health and hygiene products, ITC also supported healthcare initiatives, supplying oxygen and setting up temporary medical facilities.

ITC salutes its frontline warriors who worked relentlessly to serve its consumers and the nation amidst deep adversity. Here is an ode to them, a celebration of the undaunted spirit of Team ITC.

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