ITC: Transforming Lives & Landscapes

September 23, 2021

At ITC, we have always believed that unstable societies cannot foster sustainable economic growth. The need of the hour is a new model of development that will simultaneously fuel economic growth, create sustainable livelihoods and replenish the environment.

Sustainability at ITC

Sustainability is a driving force for ITC's work. Our business models are crafted to synergise the creation of economic wealth with the formation of ecological and social capital as a unified strategy. They significantly contribute towards making a transformational change in society.

ITC contributes to societal development with a set of ten targeted social investment initiatives operational in its catchments. A two-horizon perspective helps secure today's dominant sources of income and creating capabilities for tomorrow.

Two horizons of sustainable growth

Horizon 1 initiatives empower communities to conserve, augment and manage their social and environmental capital, and include programmes in forestry, watershed development, climate smart agriculture, livestock development, biodiversity conservation and women empowerment. Together, they support sustainable livelihoods and build resilience through knowledge and capacity enhancement. This secures agri production systems and thereby current sources of livelihood.

Under Horizon 2, ITC focuses on education, skill building, healthcare, sanitation and waste management, enabling communities towards sustainable growth and a brighter future. Programmes focus on enhancing employability of youth, facilitating good health and hygiene and access to healthcare and better nutrition. ITC puts in place the necessary socio-economic infrastructure to equip disadvantaged groups to take advantage of emerging economic opportunities. To actualise this strategy, ITC has adopted an integrated approach to development comprising a mosaic of mutually reinforcing interventions in primary education, vocational training, public health and solid waste management.

To know more about ITC's work to transform lives and landscapes, download the Sustainability Report 2021 here:

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