ITC unveils Fabelle Finesse

October 22, 2022

ITC unveils Fabelle Finesse, the World's Finest Chocolate, revolutionizing the traditional approach to chocolate processing and creating a chocolate with unparalleled smoothness. This chocolate has been crafted using a breakthrough technology, The Cocoa Finesser, and is a result of extensive research done by ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre and Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. Neurological testing methods have shown it to be significantly smoother than benchmarks, and even helped consumers in alleviating stress in test conditions.

The brand along with Chef Adriano Zumbo, celebrated Australian pâtissier and TV presenter, launched limited edition boxes of Fabelle Finesse chocolate thins at the event hosted at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai. Subsequently, leading media representatives and influencers experienced signature desserts curated with Fabelle Finesse. The limited edition boxes would be available at select Fabelle Boutiques at ITC Hotels.

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