ITC wins the first UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity

October 11, 2023

We are happy to share that ITC has won the first UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity. The award recognizes ITC's efforts in promoting biodiversity conservation through intensive community engagement.

Mr. Vijay Vardhan, General Manager, Social Investments Programme received the award on behalf of the company at a ceremony in New Delhi.

This award is jointly given by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Mahatma Awards, an initiative of Shri Amit Sachdeva, a Gandhian. The inspiration for the awards come from Gandhi's timeless principles, grounded in the pursuit of truth, compassion and equality.

To revive crucial ecosystem services, ITC has designed initiatives such as the restoration of village commons, pasturelands, and private fallow lands, all centred on biodiversity conservation. These have not only improved flora, fauna, and species diversity but also strengthened rural livelihoods.

ITC has been harnessing the power of nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration and building climate resilience, with actions to minimize environmental impacts across land, freshwater, and the atmosphere.

ITC also collaborates with partners to strengthen these programs and address emerging community challenges. For instance, a partnership with the International Union for Conservation to develop 'Sustainable Agriscapes,' benefits agriculture through nature-based solutions.

Already, ITC's Biodiversity Conservation initiative has made a significant impact, covering over 2.9 lakh acres through more than 5,100 biodiversity plots across 12 Indian states.

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