ITC wins the prestigious FICCI Platinum Award for Sustainable Industrial Practices in the Large Industries category

June 08, 2024

Good news from ITC! We have won the prestigious Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry's (FICCI) Platinum Award for Sustainable Practices in the Large Industries category, at the second edition of the FICCI Sustainable Industrial Practice Awards. Mr Ankit Gupta, General Manager and Mr Bharatwaanjan Balaji, Manager of ITC Corporate Sustainability, received the trophy at a ceremony on June 4, 2024 in New Delhi. The award was presented by Mr Venugopal Mothkoor, Senior Specialist, NITI Aayog, Ms Claire Elsdon, Director Capital Markets, CDP, and Mr Vikram Kotru, Head, Environment and Climate Change, FICCI.

The award came in recognition of the various sustainability initiatives ITC undertook during FY21-22 and FY22-23, ranging from energy efficiency, emissions reduction, water management, sustainable management of waste and effluents, sustainable product innovation, optimizing logistics for environmental and business benefits. These were scalable, replicable solutions, positively impacting ITC's environmental sustainability performance and providing cost benefits.

The event was held in partnership with CDP, an agency that has also bestowed accolades on ITC for water management, climate action and supplier engagement, placing the Company at the leadership level in all three categories.

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