Enjoy Learning With ITC Classmate - Part 1

March 15, 2022

There are many reasons why Classmate is India's favorite notebook brand. The first is that it has been a steady companion to students since its inception, providing authentic and wholesome learning experiences - with stationery ranging from notebooks, pens, geometry boxes, art supplies and more - and encouraging children to nurture the skills and interests that make them special.

What's more, Classmate is on a mission to make learning a fun, enjoyable experience for children, which we believe is the most powerful driver for developing knowledge and skill, nurturing curiosity, and enhancing creativity. For learning to be exciting, kids need to be able to translate their learning from theory to practical through activities that help them to not only understand concepts but also remember and relate to them in their everyday lives.This belief is embodied in the wide range of innovative products by Classmate. For example, the 'Interaktiv' series with an origami theme and a supply of origami sheets was Classmate's first series of engagement-based notebooks, giving students a chance to learn through 'Do It Yourself' activities. It's also possible to design your own unique notebook on in quick, easy steps.

Every Classmate offering comes with carefully designed features and benefits that translate to bringing learning alive. Each product has purpose-led innovation at its core.

Here's the first from a new three-video series from Classmate, celebrating the joy in learning. Watch and share, and enjoy learning with Classmate.

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