Meet the quirky 'Dazzle' Family!

July 22, 2023

ITC presents the 'Dazzle Family'! There's DJ Didi with her mashups, Bawarchi Babuji - a culinary genius, Dhakkad Dadi who loves boxing, Dancing Dadu who's got the groove and Padhaku Pinky who calculates the angles of her kicks.

This is a family that owns their quirks, and inspires you to embrace your individuality and the joy of dazzling in your own skin.

Start the fun adventure with your first pack of the just-launched Dazzle matchsticks by ITC - vintage lights in a new avatar for the young consumer. An alternative to the traditional matchstick, this premium product is a much longer, sleeker, easy-to-use stick with bright match-heads and comes in a box designed in stunning colours. Enjoy an element of fun and express yourself with the simple act of lighting a match. Available in Delhi and Bengaluru.

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