On Earth Day, A Look At How ITC Is Investing In The Planet

April 22, 2022

On Earth Day 2022, a clarion call is ringing across the world: "Invest In Our Planet". It is time to put planet first, to make sustainability a priority, to do our part to heal the earth. We are celebrating Earth Day at a time when the threats emerging from climate change have taken on the proportions of a risk multiplier, heavily burdening existing environmental and ecosystem challenges we have inherited. Already, natural resources are depleting, and there is severe stress on the water, forests and biodiversity left.

Earth Day awareness

The first step to making change is raising awareness of environmental problems, and taking active measures to reverse the damage already done.

There is time yet to restore nature, if we unite in this collective endeavour. The time is now.

ITC's work

We, at ITC, have adopted a low-carbon growth strategy and designed extensive decarbonisation programmes across our value chains. Interventions include increasing the share of renewable energy in its overall energy mix, reducing specific energy consumption, constructing green buildings, greening logistics and optimising 'distance-to-market'.

We actively promote regenerative agriculture practices in key agri catchments. This multi-pronged approach also focuses on sequestering more carbon than emitted and climate proofing operations, enabling a rapid transition to a net zero economy.

With a long and enduring partnership with rural communities across India, we are working towards building climate resilience and sustainable livelihoods. Presenting some glimpses of our work this Earth Day.

  • Earth day awareness activities by ITC
  • ITC's Water Stewardship mission
  • ITC's Climate Smart Agricultural initiatives
  • ITC's Afforestation programme
  • ITC runs a Waste Management programme
  • ITC is on a low-carbon growth path
  • ITC has empowered over 4 million farmers and supports 6 million livelihoods
  • ITC's Women Empowerment programme
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