ITC: Pillars of Competitive Advantage - Digitalisation

December 07, 2021

At ITC, we are on a journey to build a dynamic 'FutureTech' enterprise that thrives on a 'digital first' culture. We leverage cutting-edge, state-of-the-art digital technologies to shape a new paradigm of competitiveness. Our strategy of delayering operations, a distributed network of manufacturing units, smart buying and manufacturing and responsive, agile supply chains create advantages that enable our digital transformation. We are exploring new frontiers to add impetus to digital marketing, digital commerce, digital products and digital operations, to engage consumers and employees and to build powerful insight platforms.

ITC considers digitalisation a new foundation capability, vital to accelerating value creation, offering novel ways of interacting with consumers, reconfiguring value chains, and transforming its business models. Already, the company is benchmarking its digital assets, identifying best-in-class digital technologies and practices and locating opportunities to build on competitive advantage with high impact digital interventions. ITC's internal synergies support this digital transformation across operations, and ensure the long-term competitiveness of each of its businesses.

The newest digital technologies and intelligent insight platforms are being increasingly deployed to provide a better consumer experience, ensure smart and agile manufacturing and supply chain operations, and deliver top-notch employee experience.

ITC also continues to explore opportunities to craft disruptive business models and value propositions anchored at the intersection of Digitalisation and Sustainability - the two defining megatrends in the 'new normal'.

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