Pledge for a water secure world

March 22, 2023

This World Water Day is our opportunity to BeTheChange - as individuals and collectives - to save water for future generations.

At ITC, we have been doing our bit to ensure water security for our stakeholders. We have spearheaded multi-dimensional initiatives to replenish and conserve this scarce resource, aligned to the Government's key initiatives, including 'Jal Shakti Abhiyan' and 'More Crop Per Drop'.

Some of them include:

1. Watershed development projects spread across 16 states, covering nearly 1.4 million acres.

2. Building over 25,000 water harvesting structures, creating a rainwater harvesting potential of over 46 million kl.

3. We are targeting 2000 million kl of water savings (annually) by 2030.

4. Our interventions have led to a potential savings of over 730 million kl of water.

5. A river basin regeneration project on the Ghod river in Maharashtra that has turned the basin water positive in just 5 years.

6. Demand-side measures that enable water-use efficiency in agriculture, with up to 40% savings as compared to traditional agriculture methods.

7. Increased water-use efficiency across operations.

8. Our Paperboards unit at Kovai received the first AWS Platinum certification in India, followed by our factory in Malur, Karnataka, which became the first food facility in Asia to receive the AWS Platinum certification.

9. Our goal is to ensure that all high-risk sites in water-stressed areas are AWS certified by 2035-36.

These endeavours have taken us closer to the goal of a sustainable water future, making us water positive for over 20 years.

Our gratitude to all stakeholders, including the farming community and water user groups, who have given purpose to our water stewardship journey.

Presenting, some glimpses of our partner communities across the country...

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