Savlon Swasth India Mission says, 'Jab Tak Aap Haath Nahi Dhote, Aapke Haath Aapke Nahi Hote'

May 08, 2024

ITC's Savlon Swasth India Mission makes a new defining pitch to reiterate the importance of Hand Hygiene. On Global Hand Hygiene Day 2024, the Mission harnessed an everyday insight - our hands, meet and greet people, and touch surfaces, picking up germs from each interaction. The campaign brought alive this observation with a simple creative thought "Your hands are not yours till you wash them!"

The changing 'hand identity' mirrors our everyday lives and reinforces the need to adopt washing hands as a habit, and emphasizes the need for urgent action. Watch the fun campaign video to know more.

Speaking on the initiative, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, "The film marking the Global Hand Hygiene Day is a humourous conversation reiterating the significance of hand hygiene and re-emphasising our commitment to education and adoption of Handwashing!"

Since its inception in 2016, ITC's Savlon Swasth India Mission has been championing the cause of hand hygiene through extensive on ground initiatives and innovative communication campaigns. It has reached 37,000+ schools and touched the lives of over 10 million children with its outreach.

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