From Slate to Sky: the story of dreams & hope | World Children's Day 2023 | The ITC Way

November 20, 2023

Imagine a smart little girl named Kiran in an idyllic little village in the heartland of India. With her neatly tied ponytails, Kiran loves going to school. Along with her friends she plays and learns. Kiran's slate is the springboard for her dreams to take flight.

This World Childrens Day, we celebrated the spirit of millions of children, like Kiran, in India and across the globe who in spite of all the disadvantages and challenges love to dream for a better future.

At ITC, we are privileged and honoured to be part of the incredible journeys of 12 lakh Indian children, through our Primary Education initiative. The initiative endeavours to provide access to education and improve learning outcomes of disadvantaged children, majority of whom are from rural India.

Here is a short film that salutes the hopes and dreams of children. Watch with audio on. Kiran's laughter is infectious!

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