The world soaked in leisure has its Armenteros, from the house of ITC. An experience nothing short of extravagance.

Launched in the Indian market in 2010, it is one of the most savored cigars in the country today. Armenteros cigars are hand rolled to perfection, providing an unmatched balance of Flavor, Aroma, and Taste for cigar connoisseurs. Right from holding the cigar between your fingers, wrapping your lips around it and watching the tip of the cigar come alive, it soothes all your senses with its smooth and earthy texture.

This signature blend is sourced from one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the world - The La Aurora, run by the much celebrated Leon Jimenes family. There's a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into the making of each Armenteros cigar. Be it the full bodied aromatic wrapper leaf, the immaculate binder, or the skillful blend of carefully matured tobaccos, everything comes from the best growing regions of the world and is rolled by the Master Rollers. Borrowing the strong earthiness from Nicaraguan & Brazilian tobaccos, and the mild yet rich taste of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic & Peru, it is truly the most satisfying blend offering a rich wisp of spicy and sweet flavor.

You feel the craftsmanship in every Armenteros cigar and its casing is no less. Armenteros hand rolled cigars are placed with utmost care inside an exclusive wooden box that enriches the woody and earthy aromas of the cigars. The box also carries a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Master Blender & the Production Director as a pledge to deliver the best product.

What feeling does it conjure up? The moment you hold it there's a sensuous rhythm to it.