ITC Hotels - Plastic free Initiatives

May 17, 2022

ITC's premium luxury hotels are known for many things - contemporary architecture, branded global cuisine and for pioneering green hoteliering in India. One of India's fastest growing hospitality chains, ITC Hotels is now the world's greenest hotel chain, and fashioned a trailblazing business model decades ago, combining luxury and sustainability. The tenet of 'Responsible Luxury' was born, and ever since, ITC Hotels has consistently delivered unique, wholesome experiences to guests, serving top-notch hospitality in a manner that's kind to the environment.

For a plastic-free tomorrow:

At ITC, we believe in taking action to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations, an idea we strive to embed in our everyday operations. We are committed to finding simple, effective ways of being good to the planet. A foremost example: comprehensive plastic free initiatives by ITC Hotels.

Substituting single use plastics:

ITC Hotels is working towards the goal of operating in a single-use plastic free environment, with plastic free initiatives spanning all hotels. Already, the business has reduced the use of single-use plastics from 150 touch points across hotel operations, which has helped eliminated, by a conservative estimate, 2.5 lakh kilograms of plastic per year, while offering unique hospitality experiences in harmony with planet and society. The long-term goal is to achieve encourage plastic substitution across properties.

Reduce, reuse, recycle:

For now, plastic substitution efforts are founded on the reduce, reuse, recycle policy, and include a special packaging made from compostable material, replacing plastic water bottles with glass ones, trading plastic drinking straws and stirrers and other basic amenities with paper and wooden alternatives. These mark the beginning of our contributions to the making of a single use plastic free India.

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