ITC's Skilling & Vocational Training Programme

October 11, 2021

ITC's two horizons of social investment initiatives are targeted at rural communities in its catchments, helping boost livelihoods for today and creating capabilities for tomorrow. Under the latter, the focus is on enabling youth so they can take advantage of opportunities for social and economic growth.

The importance of vocational training

Every year around 15 million young boys and girls enter India's workforce - potentially an enormous pool of employable talent, and yet, a workforce crisis remains. Many of these young adults, especially those hailing from poor rural or semi-urban backgrounds, lack education and access to skills training, and are thus deprived of opportunity

ITC's vocational training programme

ITC's skilling programme lets youth from disadvantaged backgrounds progress toward a better future with market-driven skills, and focus on vocational training hospitality, electricals, computers and bedside assistance, enhancing their employability with in-demand competencies. They are also supported with employment linkages. Over 90,000 youth have been trained so far, and are on their way to fulfilling their aspirations.

To know more, download the Sustainability Report 2021 here:

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