Story of Change - Babita Devi

With women heading thousands of households in rural India, their empowerment makes a difference in their families' outcomes - in health, education and social mobility. ITC has designed a women's economic empowerment and skill development training initiative to enable these strong, committed women as they begin to foray outside their homes to participate in public life.

The initiative is meant to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to women from economically weaker sections of society, or to train them in modern agricultural practices, ensuring better farm productivity and triggering higher incomes. Women in agriculture are also supported with financial assistance by way of loans and grants. ITC helps women farmers create strong market linkages to ensure long term livelihood sustainability.

Here's the story of Babita Devi, a farmer from Munger, Bihar, who has battled endless odds to emerge as an empowered changemaker in her community. Over the years, we have walked with over 86,700 such indomitable women on their journeys of change, as they trained in market-ready skills and stepped out into agriculture and entrepreneurship. Watch and share.

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